About us

We develop digital solutions.

With branding, technology and marketing, we work strategically in each areas of your business.

Who are we

We work to satisfy two specific entities; your client (the user) and the search engine. With a combination of factors, we gain the best places in the rankings. But it takes some work, both on your part and ours.

The same interaction allows us to work closely with you to get the best position on the Internet.

Primarily, we see the Web as a way to grow your business. It must be profitable for you and also for the agency; that’s why we are not afraid to be transparent.

Our strategies are based on effectiveness, and where being productive is required. Whether it’s new technologies or other business solutions that we choose for you, we integrate web tools with worldwide reputation to support your projects.

All of our business solutions are personalized because none of our clients are identical; that’s another reason why we customized our services.

At Media Connection, we work with you in order to achieve results.

That’s how we perceive the Web.

Our passion for design, web, communications and marketing; that’s what embodies us. Being in business since 2003, representing well over 250 clients, that’s also our passion.

Today, we want to especially say, YES, we’re obsessed. We are obsessed about Your progress on the web, by achieving Your business goals, and by the excellence of Your brand. In our line of work, we need to feel invested with a mission. And for that, we are deeply.

We don’t create generic marketing. We envision and develop custom-made only. That’s how we acquire and retain our clients

This is both our story and our way of seeing the future.

Our values

Our core value is synergy. She allows us to connect your business, our platforms and this cause this efficiency that drives us to the desired results. It’s this synergy that allows us to work closely with you to get the best position on the Internet.


At Media Connection, not only we believe in the importance of transparency; we apply it from beginning to end on all of our projects. We offer the opportunity to learn about what we do and to understand our suggestions. You know the ‘cliché’ of the web designer who speaks an incomprehensible language? Well, this will never happen at our agency. We are candidly opposed to that. The way we see it, we need to be transparent in all of our communications with you.


The only way to successfully get your business out there on the Web is to act as a partner. Media Connection is more than just a supplier who takes your monthly orders. We are a team that will help you, every day if needed, to become a better and more effective brand. Together, we are contributors to your online success.


The best of the best keep innovating on the web. There are no other solutions; you need to have the greatest designs, the efficient technologies, the most daring content, etc. That’s why we do our best to think outside the box and find the best web strategies out there.

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