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Web development

Make your business profitable by integrating a powerful website to your web strategy.

Make your business profitable by integrating a powerful website to your web strategy.

We carry out a comprehensive approach, right from the strategic analysis all the way to the online publishing.


To create a website, we need to first and foremost make a thorough web analysis. Information architectures, technological environment, content management, website marketing; these are just some things to consider in the equation of online success.

That’s why at Media Connection, strategy and production go hand in hand. Our vision is to offer the best price & quality; therefore it’s necessary to identify the needs and challenges of the client.

Web design

Website design goes far beyond its appearance. It must also be functional and contribute to profits. The choices of colors and fonts are important, but it doesn’t stop there. We must consider ergonomics, content accessibility, search engines, etc.

At Media Connection, each of our designs is created with the objective of growing your online business. Our expertise as designers allows us to meet your business needs and create an attractive environment for your customers.

Responsive Web Design

To boost your results on the web, you need to grasp all of the purchase process of your customers. To do this, it’s necessary to consider multi-platform environments. Mobile devices, tablets, laptops; users are online everywhere and using everything.

At Media Connection, we offer our clients an approach that integrates web responsive design. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about what your website looks like on various smart devices; the design will adjusts itself. And thanks to the great experience the user will get, it generates results at all times.


To convert a visitor into a buyer, we have to create online trading platforms that are both efficient and effective. Of course there’s also the strategic aspect that must be carefully planned. But the production of an E-Commerce websites requires talent in design, programming and project management which are not found among all the web production agencies.

That’s why we have developed advanced expertise in the creation of E-Commerce platforms. For each project, Web strategists, designers and developers reflect on the best ways to drive up your online sales through your E-Commerce.