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Web Marketing

Choosing for the right marketing tools can enable a change in your business.

Success is due to the strategic ingenuity behind the platform.

Take advantage of a web marketing campaign that can make your business successful. Organic SEO, Internet advertising, social networking, email marketing; we consider each variables needed to achieve your success.

Marketing analysis is a must in our Web production process. Here are some of the steps we use to build our internet marketing campaigns:

• Market analysis and identification of marketing opportunities
• Web Audit (SEO and PPC)
• Develop a strategic plan from your web platforms
• Establish a tactic within social media
• Assistance in selecting your technology tools
• Set up your Web Analytics gear

See below the main areas of expertise of Media Connection:

Organic SEO

The art of mastering search engines is not for everyone. However, while combining strategy analysis, performance measurement and creativity, it’s possible to secure the first place in rankings.

At Media Connection, organic SEO is more than a technical practice; it’s continues strategic deployment. On the lookout for the best practices, we collect our inspiration from the most reliable sources in the field. For us, organic SEO is an evolving practice that can be integrated as a powerful arsenal.

Paid Advertising

The funds for a media campaign budget are an important part of the clients marketing budget. That’s why it’s important to invest your dollars in the right places. Whatever the PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy, our history with keyword campaigns reflects the expertise we have gained in the field.

Whichever search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.), we know how to tame its algorithm and propose a media strategy to generate results.

Social Media

Web conversation became a mighty powerful tool that allows us to reach customers, understanding their needs and to convert them actively. Social media’s position themselves as channels of communication where it’s possible to transmit precise and effective messages from one end to the other over the Web.

At Media Connection, we organize and establish strategies for custom-made content, for whatever social platform needed. We are connected to the changes in the industry, that’s why we offer an excellent service with performances measured in real time.

Email Marketing

The Web has become a relational area, where brands and companies connect with customers anywhere in the world. That is why building relationships through emails is also a powerful asset in a web marketing strategy.

At Media Connection, we incorporate a multitude of newsletter management platforms, create and integrate the design then write the required content for your email campaign. In addition, we offer a custom-made service that allows you to read the results, at all times

E-Commerce Marketing

To convert a visitor into a buyer, you have to create online trading platforms that are efficient and effective. Of course, there is the strategic side that must be carefully planned. But the aspect of production for e-commerce websites requires talent in design, programming and project management that are not found among all Web production agencies.

Benefit from the expertise of a web agency that can tell you how to achieve your business objectives. Contact one of the marketing consultants at Media Connection.