The Fisca Group has trusted Media Connection for the creation of their new corporate identity.

We believe that the logo’s design is an important step for any company who wants to stand out and be well represented throughout its business years. The Fisca Group agrees and gave us the mandate to create their new logo.

Another great challenge was awaiting us.  The company provides clients with wealth management and also offers financial services including life insurance, disability insurance, private investment and then some. Our research needed to be accurate in order to attain the image that would perfectly represent the business.

After several sketches, internal research, typographical selections, colors and graphic arrangements, our main goal was to surprise our client with the perfect first draft. We are proud to mention that they have accepted and they were pleasantly surprised by this draft which became their official logo.

This logo speaks for itself. It’s distinct, has poise and is distinguished by the quality of the graphic that was first sketched by hand. It’s unique!

We thank the Fisca Group for trusting us.

We invite you to view by clicking here