Visual identity is the core of a company’s positioning, along with several other elements including the logo. The logo is the most noticeable element of any strategic thinking and it allows the customer to define his identity and influence the environment. When aligned, it may even influence its architecture!

Desa Design is an architectural firm that has been a faithful client of ours for many years. They specifically offer services ranging from the designing to the realization of their projects. Even though we have worked together for several years, they’ve managed to surprise us again this week.

We first need to mention that Media Connection was appointed earlier this year to create the brand image of the company. So they invited us to a follow-up meeting and seized the opportunity to unveil the architectural plans of their next office. Surprise! While taking a look at the project, we realized that the entire building was influenced by the logo we created a few months earlier.

Desa Design where inspired by the angles, graphic arrangement and the colors of their logo. A perfect integration of branding to their environment! It was as if the company signed their name on the building!

Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised, especially inspired by the beautiful work connection of both teams. Branding knows how to mark his way, we can never say it enough!